About Us

Bepoj Technology a premier fast growing company in India is committed to hepling business become more adaptive competitive & profitable. We have the Attitude, Skills, And Knowledge to deliver the Right Solutions.

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Lets being first step by knowing About Us

Web design and development company in India, Bepoj Technology Pvt Ltd is your Leading choice for online internet services. We offer a variety of digital services involving website design, website development, branding, digital marketing, and much more. Our team has an abundant scope of skills and mastery and we put every time our clients’ satisfaction first. This is what outstands our company from others – an eye for particular and great service from the start to the finish of your project. Completely simply, we provide the most genuine and helpful services to any company looking for a whole host of online solutions.


Our Mission is to provide technological advantages to the companies so that it helps to generate Business growth, & gives different ways to generate new revenue streams. We deliver end-to-end website designing, & web development SEO Services solutions that are focused on client goals & objectives.

What we do

Our job is to make people's idea into reality, be it a Website Development, Complex Business System, or any Mobile Application. When we work with our client, first of all we try to underst & what client wants & then we match that with what client needs because there is always difference between what you need & what you want.

Who we are

We deal with custom website solutions consisting of but not limited to web design & development, SEO, analytics, social strategy & conversion optimization. Bepoj Technology firmly believes in delivering customized solutions to match your needs just perfectly. Discover how we surpass your expectations & enhance your online visibility for yourself!

By implementing innovative methods of converging business & technology, we work with large global corporations & new generation technology companies, and build original products or services that jell with today's dynamic digital environment.

Our team are all specialists in their respective & collaborate to expedite your results by our internal Global Delivery Model to move our process & your project forward quickly & efficiently. Our clientele range from large global corporations to small & independent, new generation tech companies. We are not just providing web design, development & IT services, we are helping you create an impressionable & that your users will identify with.

Since 2012

H.P / Chandigarh

100+ Clients

300+ Projects

Meet the Team at bepoj technology

We’re a team of expert people who are all masters of what we do. Bepoj Technology loves what we do and the team we work with. Our team has been split up among website developers, web designers, Digital Marketers, and Business development managers. All of our work is concocted with the vision and values of our group. We are working by the plan that the best work is born when diligence mixes with fun and vision mixes with professionalism, which makes our process unique.

bepoj technology

Pooja Thakur

Project Manager
bepoj technology

Asha Thakur

Web Developer
bepoj technology

Lekh Raj

Sr. Web Designer /Angular
bepoj technology

Anil Kumar

Web Designing Trainer
bepoj technology

Priyanka Thakur

PHP Developer
bepoj technology

Sandeep Kumar

ReactJS Developer
bepoj technology

Ankush Banyal

Business Development Manager
bepoj technology

Happy Verma

Business Development Executive
bepoj technology

Joli Sharma

Web and Graphics Designer
bepoj technology

Ranju Devi

Web Designer
bepoj technology

Ankush Rana

HTML5 / CSS3 Developer
bepoj technology

Shivani Thakur

PHP Developer
bepoj technology

Rajneesh Shukla

React Developer

Why choose Us?

By choosing to partner with Bepoj Technology, you can be pledged to have a fully responsive website that will beneficial to reach out your target audience and help enhance your company’s online profile. Availing of any Bepoj Technology service can secure your company gets an edge in the progressively competitive online market because we make sure that your website is professionally built and works over multiple screen sizes and device types involving cell phones, iPads, and other tablets.

Bepoj Technology Provides 24/7 Support, Timely Delivery, Responsive Design and You’ll Simple Love it.

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On-Time Delivery
24 Hours Guaranteed Response
Excellent Quality
8+ Years of Experience
100 % Client Satisfaction
Dedicated Client Advocacy

Our Approach

The victory of any project depends on the operation that moves it forward and a consonant process guides to better outcomes, quality, and business growth. Below is our website development operation that outlines the key levels of how we work with you:

Before starting any project, we compile a concise proposal that involves a breakdown of needs, project pricing, project milestones, time scales, etc.

Our website design team creates an advanced user experience and a modern web alliance for each custom component and serviceability to drive conversions and deliver your brand image. At this level, we offer guidance, share previous work experiences, and provide designs that authorize clients to share feedback and shape the project combined.

The building level begins once we accept a confirmation of offered designs. Our development team builds up the project on a development server and installs the framework and relevant systems for the creation. Our developers will then code an indicated front-end website, creating custom admin operability. Often, access is granted to CMS systems to provide clients early access to add content.

After the final acceptance, we set your website live, where the website is moved from the putting on the environment and made public on the production server.

We offer ongoing support and guidance for our clients, for website hosting, backups, and security.

Following project build, content combination, and feedback, we then run through an overall pre-launch test program. This is to make certain that the site is effectual, usable, and well-grounded across a wide range of browsers and online platforms. We examine features such as cross-browser closeness, mobile responsiveness, content optimization, analytics, custom scripting, contact forms, data gathering, etc.

Get in touch and let’s get started.

Bepoj technology Pvt Ltd is a complete service digital consultancy with experience and function to meet the requirements of even the vastest most complex of agencies in the universe. Our services portfolio authorizes us to offer clients the best of experiences when working with our company so as make sure we keep a center on their requirements, and customers and deliver real time value to the business. Ultimate services; ultimate ideas.